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My Google Cloud Platform Experience: Great Tech, Awful Support

Posted on March 9, 2017
Tags: business, software, cloud

Over 1.5 months, I went through 34 back-and-forth messages, eight different Google support representatives, one unsolicited phone call on a Sunday, and a subsequent 24-hour self-destructing arbitration offer. This was finally resolved only after a friend who happened to be an employee of Google kindly offered to escalate my ticket. This was $100 in dispute, while they simultaneously offer $300 of free trial credit to anyone.

My position is that Google Cloud Platform has amazing technology, and the product’s so good that I’m willing to wade through the customer support pain to keep using it. Furthermore, I’m still likely to recommend it to clients. However, I’d be a far happier user if the support was anywhere near as good. I think Ben Thompson has it right in his article How Google is Challenging AWS:

To be sure, Google’s success is not assured: the company still has to grapple with a new business model — sales versus ads — and build up the sort of organization that is necessary for not just sales but also enterprise support. Both are areas where Amazon has a head start, along with a vastly larger partner ecosystem and a larger feature set generally.


I think you’re likely to have a good support experience with GCP if you have one of:

There are some immensely effort-saving features that definitely make my life easier, and I hope I get them soon without this friction.