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Hi! I’m Wayne Chang, and I can help you figure out what software not to build and then build only the things that matter.

I’ve taken companies with zero technology and helped them grow them into profitable product lines consisting of modern web and native mobile applications. I’ve planned and executed robust solutions for clients who have complex security requirements and big existing infrastructures.

For us to be successful together, our most important focus should be a mutual understanding about what’s truly valuable to your business; everything else is likely noise. Bringing this understanding to every level of our decision-making will ensure that working together will be completely worthwhile.

Nice words by even nicer people:

Wayne architected a secure and scalable product that has successfully served tens of thousands of patients. He actively incorporates our business goals into technical decision-making and has developed large-scale automations that measurably improve productivity. Under Wayne’s technology leadership, we were able to swiftly win and support several new revenue-generating contracts.”

Benjamin Jack, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Concierge/Stat

You should contact me if any of these ring true:

Want to learn more? Send an email to [email protected] briefly describing how your life could be made easier.